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Why we need coming of age rituals for our boys (and girls)

Without a meaningful transition from childhood to adulthood, are our kids being denied an intrinsic and authentic passage between them? Warrior films in California just came out with a film on this subject, Boys become Men.  In our mainstream culture, … Continue reading

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Boys rites of passage – the role of community

What is the place of community in a boy’s rite of passage? It is to nurture and rear a confident individual, one who feels a sense of belonging and commitment, and invests in its well-being. It also means realizing that … Continue reading

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Breeding – the automatic making of an adult?

Carrying on with the notes that Robert Campbell wrote down for me to share on this blog about boys’ rites of passage,  he says that simply being able to breed allows a man to count as an adult in our culture. This regardless of a man’s proficiency in … Continue reading

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Physical strength, stamina, and endurance

I met some interesting and sensitive men recently at an week long primitive skills event, a few of which I had a chance to ask about boys’ rites of passage in our culture and what they thought about them. One … Continue reading

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