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Why we need coming of age rituals for our boys (and girls)

Without a meaningful transition from childhood to adulthood, are our kids being denied an intrinsic and authentic passage between them? Warrior films in California just came out with a film on this subject, Boys become Men.  In our mainstream culture, … Continue reading

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Emotional Illiteracy in homeless men – what was their experience as boys?

Since reading and writing more about the result of denying boys and men their feelings and not developing their emotional literacy, I’ve been looking at the homeless men in my neighbourhood more. Studies of men, especially those who have had their emotional … Continue reading

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Ten most violent video games (plus alternatives) An American organization, Common Sense Media has compiled a list of what they consider the 10 most violent  video games currently being played. Common Sense Media states that it is dedicated to improving the … Continue reading

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The Broken American Male : and how to fix him

Pretty ambitious title huh?? I can’t claim credit for it. It’s the title of a book by an American Rabbi named Shmuel Boteach whose television series “Shalom at Home” prompted him to write it.  After several months of shooting the … Continue reading

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Anger and Sadness – A Hero’s Journey

I really enjoyed my co-blogger, edgymama’s, post last week on boy’s coming-of-age or initiation rituals. She shared some essential spiritual truths to be passed on through ritual to help boys cross the threshold from childhood to adulthood.  These truths might … Continue reading

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Boys’ coming of age rituals – the essential truths to communicate

I’ve been reading a book called Wild Things : the art of nurturing boys and came across a section on the importance of establishing rites of passage for boys crossing the threshold between childhood and adulthood. It reminded me of … Continue reading

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Learning Loves Movement

Ok, so this isn’t the promised continuation of Are Boys More Aggressive? Again!  Sorry! This evening something too exciting not to report happened: my six-year-old read his first book !!!!!! – a 1978 copy of The Berenstain Bears and The … Continue reading

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Happy International Women’s Day

Some of you may wonder at launching a blog about boys on IWD, but the two of us involved are feminists and want to declare that right from the start. The way I see it, the way we as a society raise our boys has … Continue reading

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