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Why we need coming of age rituals for our boys (and girls)

Without a meaningful transition from childhood to adulthood, are our kids being denied an intrinsic and authentic passage between them? Warrior films in California just came out with a film on this subject, Boys become Men.  In our mainstream culture, … Continue reading

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Aggressive play and marketing

Interesting what my co-blogger wrote about the marketing of ‘aggressive’, sex-role stereotypical toy to boys.  Though there are always differences in styles of play between boys and girls, it is clearly a profitable business to dictate the type and manner … Continue reading

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2) Emulation and Processing of Society’s Rules and Roles

Are Boys Naturally More Aggressive? – Part Four There has been much said since the Hockey Riots here  in Vancouver…. so on with my analysis of what I’ve observed as three types of aggressive behaviour in children, especially boys! Our … Continue reading

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Anger and Sadness – A Hero’s Journey

I really enjoyed my co-blogger, edgymama’s, post last week on boy’s coming-of-age or initiation rituals. She shared some essential spiritual truths to be passed on through ritual to help boys cross the threshold from childhood to adulthood.  These truths might … Continue reading

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Reaction Against or Result Of Injustice – (Or Empathizing with Our Sons’ Hidden Needs)

Are Boys Naturally More Aggressive – Part Three In my last post on the topic I asked: What is aggression? Is it really aggression?  And, I suggested that what we call aggressive behaviour might be better described by three distinct, … Continue reading

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