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The myth of teen incompetance

Now that I have a full-fledged teen in my house, I’ve been met with a lot of eye-rolling and shaking of heads, presumably because people think my life has become an endless series of arguments, moodiness, withdrawal, and temper tantrums. … Continue reading

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Girls Uninterrupted (book notes) – for stronger, happier girls

You may wonder why I’m adding notes from this book on a blog about raising boys. It’s because boys need to know about girls and how our society stereotypes, portrays, and belittles them. It’s important to  help our boys develop healthy … Continue reading

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Would men in North America be “man” enough to do this?

Men in the Netherlands are holding hands in public in solidarity with a gay man who was brutally assaulted.  Would our men be “man” enough to do this??

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The Mask you live in – revisited

  Reading some notes I’d taken while watching the Miss Representation Project’s film, The Mask You Live In, a couple of years ago.  This film is about the unrealistic stereotypes we railroad boys into, so that they deny their emotional … Continue reading

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Building community one Pokemon at a time

  I just had to check out this crazy phenomenon of Pokemon Go tonight because I’d heard it was getting people out in the community – one of my heartfelt desires for my kids and myself. Amid groups of bluegrass … Continue reading

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Don’t forget….

Boys my son’s age (11) seem to think video games are always going to be more fun than anything outside. It’s like they’ve forgotten all the other things they like to do We have to remind them – and play … Continue reading

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Stop Using Girls Campaign

Originally posted on Edgymama:
I was happy to see an ad for this campaign aimed at young men about respecting girls and women. It says, “If you laugh, share her picture, use her body you are sexually exploiting her” and states that BC’s…

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Mask You Live in – screen and chairs needed

If anyone knows of a screen that can be used to show the DVD of The Mask You Live in in East Vancouver on the evening of Friday June 26 and/or have chairs to lend or rent cheaply, please contact … Continue reading

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Mask You Live in – Vancouver – Friday June 26

FILM SCREENING INVITATION – FRIDAY, JUNE 26TH AT 7PM – Dyer Fitness – 3972 Hasting Street, Burnaby, BC The Mask You Live In follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating society’s narrow definition … Continue reading

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Mask You Live in – next screening now may be June 26

Sorry for not being able to be definite about the next possible screening of the Mask You Live In. The organizer is working on finding a venue and now the proposed date of the screening in Vancouver is Friday June … Continue reading

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