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A Silent Warrior – Tickle Trunk at Apple Star Photo

For those who’ve wondered where I’ve been, I apologize for my lack of contribution to this blog. I have been busy. Playing hard with my boys, and working on my apple star project. Please visit me here on my wordpress … Continue reading

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Young Superheroes

Originally posted on Another Day – Another Mom:
Sometimes, even in our wonderfully loving, supportive, and understanding community, Brother-Bug encounters people who don’t understand his sense of style and clothing preferences. Sometimes they ridicule him for it. Thankfully, it hasn’t…

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Firemaker, Myth Maker, Adventurer, Warrior

As my son’s and my annual pilgrimage to Firemaker Wilderness Survival Camp in the Comox Valley quickly nears, I find myself pondering many questions. Last year, I left camp feeling enthused with a passion to create a work shop of … Continue reading

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“We look at all the glowing screens….”

We were promised a lot if we went to college and nothing has seemed to materialize except newer and neater gadgets replacing other gadgets barely a year old. We go to work and pay the bills and invite friends over … Continue reading

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Star Wars – Another perspective….

Hi You guys! So glad that your time is being well spent! 😉 Funny that you have encountered the lure of Star Wars in Guatemala of all places. Oh well, we can’t escape. I’m sure it’s a gift somewhere. Our … Continue reading

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3) Physical Force With vs. Against – Con’t

Here I am again after a two week haitus.  I apologise!  Thankfully my partner is holding the ship afloat.  Thanks Edgymama!   Are boys naturally more aggressive?  It would seem that generally speaking they are.  But over the last months I … Continue reading

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3) Physical and Emotional Force With and For vs. Against

Are Boys Naturally More Aggressive? – Part Five After last week’s post 2) Emulation and Processing of Society’s Rules and Roles, I’m finally getting to the third type of boys and girls so-called aggression : 3) Using Their Physical Force … Continue reading

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