Building community one Pokemon at a time



Seeking the elusive, virtual Pokemon at Trout Lake

I just had to check out this crazy phenomenon of Pokemon Go tonight because I’d heard it was getting people out in the community – one of my heartfelt desires for my kids and myself.

Amid groups of bluegrass musicians jamming as they do every Monday night in the summer, were kids and adults, in groups and alone, with dogs and without, milling about seemingly glued to their individual devices in search of the virtual Pokemon lurking  throughout Trout Lake Park.

I have to admit, it struck me as kind of surreal watching the single-mindedness of the seekers, seemingly oblivious of their surroundings – the lake, the mountains, the playground, the musicians.

But clearly my kids were not the only ones thrilled to be engaged in the challenge of tracking down Pokemon with who-knows-how-many others. I watched in fascination as they hunkered right down into the game, sharing finds  with a few other kids in the area, and crossing the field to different areas of the park.

Obviously I was missing the banter.

Although it’s not exactly what I’d call a communal activity, who am I to say?  People were together, outside, and talking – the first and most important part of creating community and opening up to one another.

I’m curious to see if it will lead to people becoming more spontaneous, playful, and ultimately trusting and happy.

After all, it’s innate for us to feel great when we belong in a community.

And as Jan Gehl, the Danish urban designer said,

“Space should be like a musical instrument that suggests how it is to be played but does not predict all the wonderful music that can be made by its owner”

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