Water Conservation – Take a sailor’s shower!

I’m feeling worried about the lack of rain we’ve had here in Vancouver for the past couple of months. It’s only the middle of June and already there’s no snow to be seen on the mountains from my window .

So I’m on a mission to conserve water – taking a sailor’s shower, collecting the water I use to wash my hands and dishcloths, and anything else I can think of and then re-using this grey water elsewhere. Also – not flushing unless it’s brown (have been doing that for years now) .

Here’s an old post of mine from a couple of years ago

I challenge you to see how much water you can save! Let me know how it goes.


I’ve always loved water – not necessarily to swim in, though I like that too – but for the sheer joy of drinking it. My mother called me her water baby because it was (and still is) my drink of choice. I even remember as a little girl, marveling at our availability of water, pitying those in the desert without such easy access.

So naturally I am concerned about worldwide water shortages and waste.  Today I finally took a sailor’s shower, something I’ve been meaning to do for a few years.

Here’s what I did.

I took a bucket into the shower with me and when I turned on the water I made sure it was positioned underneath the run-off.   I got all wet then turned the water off and soaped up, including shampoo.  I rinsed with the water in the bucket and then once more with clear water…

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