Minecraft Guide for Parents

I’d like to recommend this book for parents and others taking care of kids interested in Minecaft. Not only does it give a step-by-step description of the basic components of Minecraft but it also tells how to install it and set up a server in your home.

Subititled Down-to-Earth advice for parents of children playing Minecraft, it is written by homeschooling mom, writer, caregiver, and gamer Cori Dusmann from Victoria, it also gives practical help and advice on setting limits and ensuring the computer doesn’t become a source of conflict, avoiding monsters, and keeping kids safe online.

It’s been a big help to me to give me a kick-start in keeping up with my son on this fascinating and creative game as well as adjusting my attitude toward online games, and adding to our arsenal of tips on keeping our kids safe and also grounded in the reality of here and now.

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