Why we need coming of age rituals for our boys (and girls)

Without a meaningful transition from childhood to adulthood, are our kids being denied an intrinsic and authentic passage between them?

Warrior films in California just came out with a film on this subject, Boys become Men. 

In our mainstream culture, boys’ rites of passage are getting laid, getting loaded, and getting a driver’s license – not deeply honourable or meaningful. And, some say, the result is a culture of adults who strive to forever be young instead of taking their place as responsible, leading members of society.

I would like to start a movement to create rites of passage ceremonies in Vancouver for our boys (and girls).

If you want to make this happen, let’s talk!

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2 Responses to Why we need coming of age rituals for our boys (and girls)

  1. Many of the First Nations of our country have not lost this important ceremony of life filled with so much meaning, empowering and enlightemnment.
    Tlakwagila Copperman

    • Edgymama says:


      Thank you for that. I hope we can learn from your examples and make broader changes to the place our boys take up in society to respect, honour, and be responsible to the earth, to the community, and to each other. I will be exploring this more. Stay tuned 🙂

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