What are boys learning from the Superbowl?

As the hype builds up for Sunday’s American Football League Super Bowl game,  American writer, director, and producer Jennifer Siebel Newsom calls time-out to take a look at the destructive role models for boys and sexist attitudes toward women that abound in the moneyed world of organized sport.

Siebel Newsom is at work on a documentary entitled MASK (the mask you live in) exploring contemporary models of masculinity in all its guises and the (detrimental) effect it is having on our boys and men, girls and women and on our culture in general.

Her research shows that there are incredibly high stakes for boys, men, and our larger culture when we ignore the damage caused by expecting our boys to exhibit hypermasculine norms.

Siebel Newsom says our culture is failing our boys and we must pay attention.

And – I would add – our culture is also failing our girls when we allow them to expect that this is normal behaviour for men. We are failing them too if we continue to allow them to grow up to be complicit in yet also hurt by perpetuating this destructive, limiting, and ultimately disrespectful behaviour.


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