Young Superheroes

“Add Little Boys who wear dresses because they like to wear dresses; who paint their nails because a mani-pedi is fun; who prefer pink to blue; who love glitter and gliz and glam… They are Superheroes.

They are standing up for who they are, inside and outside. They are making it easier for the boys who want to wear a dress or have a manicure, but don’t because “boys don’t do that”. They are making everyone who meets them question their assumptions about gender and in doing so, they make the world a more interesting place. These are the actions of Superheroes. “

Another Day - Another Mom

Sometimes, even in our wonderfully loving, supportive, and understanding community, Brother-Bug encounters people who don’t understand his sense of style and clothing preferences. Sometimes they ridicule him for it. Thankfully, it hasn’t been worse than mild ridicule so far. These incidents cause my weeping child to swear off skirts in the middle of the trauma, but it’s never a swearing off that lasts. Given his preference, he choose skirts.

What to tell my little one? How to let him know that what he is doing and who he is rocks? We’ve used the clichés (they just don’t know you… maybe they really want to wear a skirt but someone told them it’s wrong… people are scared of things they don’t understand… and so on) but they don’t really do it. The well worn “free to be you and me” lines are…well worn. I’ve been looking for something that would spark…

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