No need for tough guys :)

The world and the status of women would take a great leap forward if  boys (and girls)  were witness to more men honouring women, showing sensitivity, caring and nurturing for those closest to them.  No tough guys necessary 🙂

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4 Responses to No need for tough guys :)

  1. Lori says:

    Yes! There’s a song that was popular on the radio a year or two ago – Grenade by Bruno Mars. In it he’s whining about breaking up with a girl, and keeps saying that he would catch a grenade for her and other macho tough guy sorts of things that she apparently doesn’t appreciate. The song drives me crazy, because so many men think that way. We don’t need men to rescue us or die for us… but picking up socks and washing dishes and saying “I’m sorry” – *those* are acts we can all appreciate!!!

  2. Pretty short and to the point… had a recent episode with some tough guys? Josh ran into a tough girl, about 3, at the park today… we wonder who she’s imitating to act that way…
    And in unrelated commentary, I notified a different 3-year-old’s mother when I found him sleeping smack in the middle of the alley I rode through to get to work today. I suspect she already knew he was there. Still, I felt much better after she scooped him up and brought him inside, complaining though he was.

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