A Father’s Day Wish – to bask in the light of love we send you

Dear fathers of children everywhere, (but especially to fathers of boys, since this is a blog about raising them),

Happy Father’s Day!

To you I send a special message of thanks for committing to your sons’ spiritual and emotional welfare, for being present, and for focusing on the authentic priorities that give life meaning.

Thank you for responding to the words and actions of your sons with respect and thoughtfulness that empowers them in the nurturing arts and teaches them the true path to responsible citizenship.

Thank you for making your son’s care a priority so that they grow up feeling confident; secure to be generous and caring. For listening and responding and interacting and guiding them  in a way that makes them feel empowered yet appreciative;  bold yet graceful; acknowledged yet self-less.

Thank you for caring about the spiritual and emotional welfare of their mother and all the other women in his life who care for him and occasionally get lost in the daily work of caring so that resentment or frustration builds up.

Thank you for showing patience, compassion, and understanding when your own emotional needs take second place to a child or other  person in need – maybe for months.

Thank you for teaching your son to honour and respect all women and work against the  the mainstream and pop cultural media that frequently belittles, criticizes, or patronizes women.

Thank you for striving to reject the pressure of society and media to fill the holes in our lives with stuff and busy activities that have no authentic integrity.

Thank you for embracing an attitude of respect and reverence toward your children, your  partner, and the wider community that nurtures you so that there is no need to wield power over them as traditional parenting has dictated.

Thank you for not making your job the centre of your life or your identity.

Thank you for allowing us to love you and to bask in the light of that love today and every other day of the year.

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4 Responses to A Father’s Day Wish – to bask in the light of love we send you

  1. Anika says:

    May the fathers feel duly honoured! Our stay-at-home-father is away for the weekend taking a baking course… we celebrate Father’s Day here on August 8th (8=’ba’ so 8/8=’Baba’). I miss you and the community of respect there. Love to Father and All, A.

  2. Liana says:

    I’m the mamagirl of two grown boys…I liked reading this… a lot. 🙂

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