“We look at all the glowing screens….”

We were promised a lot if we went to college and nothing has seemed to materialize except newer and neater gadgets replacing other gadgets barely a year old. We go to work and pay the bills and invite friends over for dinner. We look at all the glowing screens shining out the future, and then we look away. Then we look back again.”

New Generation Y Bother?  http://theallegiant.com/new-generation/

Written by: RobTalbert on February 19, 2013.

Rob Talbert has written an interesting, informative and entertaining article that gives us pause…..and really makes us parents wonder: what roles are screens playing in our children’s lives?    Definately worth a read.   I think Talbert’s discussion of Generation Y’s experiences with technology fits in well with edgymama’s post about encountering Star Wars games on iPods and iPads in Quatemala…….
I’d love to hear what others think.
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