Guatemalan adventures – or how come we’ve been talking so much about Star Wars these days :(

Yes – you read that right. Here we are in one of the planet’s most spiritually powerful locations in Guatemala and we’ve been talking more about Star Wars on this trip than we have for years. The reason? A couple of American boys whose families we’ve met here. These two boys have ipads and ipods with some Star Wars games loaded on them, and are pretty passionate about them and our son has picked up on their enthusiasm and interest.

HIs original star wars phase lasted less than six months when he was about five years old. We got him lots of books out of the library that went into the making of the Starwars movies, including fascinating information about the sets, costumes, and special effect creation.

Of course, for those of you who know us personally or through this blog you know that, in our family, looking at those books goes hand in glove with long conversations about the movies themselves and their fixation with conflict, questioning the worthiness or interest of stories where people don’t really do anything but fight. When do they play? Swim? Ski? Cook? Eat? Create? Grow?

So needless to say, we were surprised and a bit taken aback when we realized that his interest and curiosity about Star Wars had been rekindled by the excitement of these other boys and found rselves revisiting these same conversations.

While we want him to have fun and choose his own path, we are determined to present him with other viewpoints to challenge the ingestion of mass-marketed, mainstream icons and story lines.  The world needs all the creativity it can get right now, especially in light environmental degradation and disintegrating social justice realities in the world.

And that means we need to push our kids to think outside the box and not just look at life in terms of black and white – something that so much of boy-centred toys, books, games, and movies default to.

As tedious and tiresome as some of these long-winded conversations sometimes are to me, I feel it is crucial to try to counter the powerful media messages that abound and try to re-set the course.



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