The Broken American Male : and how to fix him

Pretty ambitious title huh?? I can’t claim credit for it.

It’s the title of a book by an American Rabbi named Shmuel Boteach whose television series “Shalom at Home” prompted him to write it.  After several months of shooting the series, he realized that virtually all of the issues of family strife, unhappiness, and dysfuntion stemmed from the fathers in those families.

He says these men aren’t bad but insecure – and that insecurity has brought them and their families untold misery. He blames the capitalist American dream and endless pursuit of material success on men’s verbal abuse of their partners and children, their disconnection from the family, and their obsession with porn, alcohol, and work.

Quite a tall order, but not out of line.

I’m going to do a few posts examining this book in greater detail because I think what he has to say is important and needs to be heard.  He certainly doesn’t shy away from critiquing the average American (and Canadian I daresay) male, but he also examines the detrimental effect that a “broken” male has on the entire family and also the wider community.

But he doesn’t just criticize. He gives some concrete suggestions for helping men find their way back to a place where they feel free to love, nurture, and be emotionally expressive and respectful.

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