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Are Boys Naturally More Aggressive? Part Two

If you didn’t read the first in this series written a few weeks ago, please check it out…. From my work with children, I feel I can confidently say that both boys and girls up to 3.5 -4 years old, … Continue reading

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Easter Hunt – Death and Rebirth

“Mummy?” “Yes, darling.” “Do we kill a baby chick every time we eat an egg?” Hi everyone. Here I am with a long-ago-promised part two of Are Boys Naturally More Aggressive? coming soon, later tonight.  I’ve always been terrible with … Continue reading

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Playful parenting

Whenever I remember to build some playfulness in our daily life, the things that aren’t necessarily fun but need to get done happen in a way that keeps everyone happier and smoothes the path for the rest of the day. … Continue reading

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Learning Loves Movement

Ok, so this isn’t the promised continuation of Are Boys More Aggressive? Again!  Sorry! This evening something too exciting not to report happened: my six-year-old read his first book !!!!!! – a 1978 copy of The Berenstain Bears and The … Continue reading

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Freedom to play

Time and time again, I find the same advice helpful in getting me through the challenging questions of parenting.  Don’t censor your child’s interests, use them as an opportunity to talk about what else might be going on in their … Continue reading

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