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Aggressive Play – Honouring the Diversity.

Social Responsibility and Primal Urges This is not the promised continuation of my previous post but a response to a discussion now several months old on a local chat group of parents in my area  discussing their thoughts about some … Continue reading

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Are boys naturally more aggressive?

We live in times when boys and men have had the freedom to reinvent the boy / man code – or do we?  Some fathers stay home and raise children, many contribute to the caring for their little ones, feeding, … Continue reading

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Boys and Guns – Why?

As western forces bombard Libya, killing the people they claim to protect, I sit down to write this posting on boys and guns. I can’t say how many conversations I’ve had with moms that start out, “I don’t know how they … Continue reading

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Why I’m Here

First of all I’m so grateful  and excited to be here – not only contributing to this blog, but also having the privilege to be raising a boy in these times so full of possibility for change.  Thank you partner … Continue reading

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